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i-mi Press Scraper features:

  1. Retrives within an organized minuscular way.
  2. Retrieves info is from a shop according to pick associated with file format.
  3. Retrieves fine detail associated with charge almost everywhere the entire world.
  4. Retrieves info easily and quickly.

Extra features and Solutions

  1. Info collection Solutions Yearly Servicing
  2. Agreement Assistance with regard to OPERATING SYSTEM such as Linux/Mac
  3. Personalization Facilitates Several Proxy server

i-mi Press Scraper components information through i-mi. net with regard to subsequent areas

Title /Tackle or Condition /zip code/ Fax/ Nation/ Phone/ Current email address / Web site


i-mi press is a workbook, is really a 1 final stop for shopping on the web with regard to leading location, lifestyle centers as well as DMC’s around the world. i-mi Press scraper is actually specifically created in order to draw out information on charge almost everywhere the entire world.


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