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Some highlights of our Twitter Scraper –

  • Scrapes all details of followers and followings of mentioned Twitter member
  • Saves the fetched information into MySQL database or other required format
  • Performs the scraping operation very quickly

Some additional highlights & Services—

  • Allows countless data extraction operation
  • Supports multiple proxies in every operating systems
  • Effectively extracts the targeted information from different websites available in Internet

Our Twitter Scraper obtains following fields and data from –

  • Profile name
  • Email (If Available in Bio )
  • Total Tweets
  • Total Following
  • Total Followers


Getting fed up with the manual cut-paste operations?

Doing the same operations again and again manually to get the required details?

“Twitter Scraper” can be a perfect solution for you!

Our Twitter Scraper can assists you to easily retrieve all the essential public data from different domains and websites and thus simply add them into your local database.

This scraper is a fantastic tool that very effectively mines the data from the twitter profiles as mentioned. Then processing each name one by one, it will direct to the twitter’s site and mine out all the following and follower of Twitter profile. This process goes on for all the mentioned members and thus successfully scrapes down all the details regarding followings and followers of all mentioned Twitter members. Once the scrapping of all members is completed it will store all the fetched data in MySQL.


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